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Hurricane Harvey Assistance

Vital Power Is Committed To Help

The impact of Hurricane Harvey was devastating for many people who live in the Texas Gulf Coast area.
At Vital Power, we are committed to provide assistance to those who were affected by the storm. Below are initial actions we have taken to help.

  • We will not disconnect your power.
    Please note, however, there may be power outages in your area or damage to your home’s electrical system that may cause your home to be without power.


  • Vital Power won’t charge any late fees no matter what plan you’ve chosen.
    If you see an added fee on your account, and you’ve been affected by the storm, please contact us so we can give you a credit.


  • We’re offering bill payment assistance to those in need. If you’d like to arrange a flexible or deferred payment plan, please call us and we will work with you to address your specific situation. Our Customer Service experts are standing by to help you.


  • We are donating up to $10,000 to our Customer Assistance Program.
    This program applies 100% of its funds to customers who request payment assistance due to circumstances beyond their control, such as Hurricane Harvey.

Please be assured that we will continue to seek additional ways to help those experiencing hardship from Hurricane Harvey. The Vital Power team sends our heartfelt best wishes to all.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

We’re here to help.

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I have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey and have been unable to pay my bill. Will my power be disconnected?

Vital Power is not currently processing disconnections in affected areas. We will provide flexibility for bill payment to you. If you need additional time to pay your electric bill, please contact us so that we may discuss our flexible payment plans with you.


My house is flooded (or has been flooded) and I need to have my electric service turned off for safety reasons.

Please contact us if you have a need to disconnect your electricity service. When you are ready for service to be turned back on please call us and we will gladly help you with that too.


My neighborhood is flooded and the U.S. Postal Service is not handling mail. How do I pay my bill?

You may pay your bill online via My Account or via phone at 1-844-227-2679.


What to do after the storm has passed?

  • Stay away from downed power lines! Be especially mindful of downed lines that could be hidden in flood waters and treat all downed lines as if they are energized.


  • If you experience flooding and water has risen above the electrical outlets in your home, contact a licensed electrician before turning on the main circuit breaker or trying to restore power.


  • All electrical appliances and electronic equipment that have been submerged in water need to dry thoroughly for at least one week. Then, have them checked by a qualified repair person before turning them on. Attempting to repair a flood-damaged appliance could result in electrical shock or death. Attempting to restart it could result in further damage and costly repairs.


  • If the outside unit of an air conditioning system has been under water, mud and water may have accumulated in the controls. Have the unit checked by a qualified air conditioning technician.

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